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Our Coaches

Our coaches are the heartbeat of our organization. It takes an enormous amount of commitment, passion and skill to adhere to the standards of being a leader in our organization. Meet the individuals who get their hands dirty molding the hearts and minds of the future generation of our community.

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I fell in love with the game at 3 when I began playing.I’ve been dedicated to being the best ever since and now I'm blessed to have the opportunity to help develop the next generation who share the same passion.

CEO, Co-Founder & Head Coach14U Major Travel Teams

My main focus is to give the youth opportunities and resources that were not presented to me when I was their age.

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Director of Development 

I desire to instill hard work, teamwork, leadership, and dedication in young student athletes throughout South Dekalb County and Metro Atlanta and to increase minority participation in University and Professional Baseball and Softball programs across the country.

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Co- Founder/

Assistant Director of Marketing

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12u/10u Softball

Sports teaches you character, it teaches you to play by the rules, it teaches you know what it feels like to lose, it teaches you about life.

11u Softball

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10u Baseball

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12u/10u Softball

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Christian has coached a combination of youth baseball, softball, and adult kickball for over 10 years.

9u Baseball

Baseball teaches you how to deal with Failure, and still Succeed.

14u Baseball

I enjoy having an opportunity to play a part in the successes academically, emotionally and socially of our young men today.

10u Baseball

9u Baseball

Baseball teaches you how to deal with Failure, and still Succeed.

6u Baseball

Tribe Coaches Not Photographed:

  • David Burke

  • Justin Honore

  • Antoine Burch

  • Brian Thomas

  • Ty Cloud

  • Tye Jelks

  • Will Merrit

  • Carlos Jones

  • Tim Jones

  • Amarri Whyte


  • Keishaun Clark

  • James McDowell

  • Marquel Middlebrooks

  • Jerome Coons

  • Justin Josey Sr.

  • Silas Manais 

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