About The Tribe

South Dekalb Tribe believes their vision to enhance the overall quality of future generations within our community through high level sport environments while advocating for South DeKalb County, Georgia.

Our mission is to foster good character and future productive citizens through sports. We execute our mission by pioneering the introduction of life skills that are derived harmoniously when one becomes involved in joining their peers to achieve success collectively and individually. In pursuit of this success, we oblige many characteristics that help shape a child into a positive and productive citizen as an adult. Vital lessons such as a strong work ethic, preparation, discipline, competitiveness, sacrifice and team work are all engrained into the make-up of a child when immersed in an environment with these fundamental principles at the forefront. Our teaching methods are used on a daily basis with the children in the organization in full efforts to prepare them for life beyond DeKalb County. 


We are led by Willie Slaton IV as Executive Director, Kyle Moody as Assistant Director of Marketing and Sedrick Parker as Assistant Director of Development. Each of the Tribe Co-Founders have deep ties to the community and have a yearning desire to positively impact the youth in the community they were raised in. Our organization is comprised of likeminded families and leaders in the surrounding areas, to include college graduates, corporate executives, educators and youth mentoring program creators. Our Tribe leaders attribute much of their personal successes and life skills to their maturation in youth sports. Through an unprecedented approach, the South DeKalb Tribe strives to promote excellence in our youth by actively executing our mission daily. 


We are poised and work daily to continue advocating our agenda to extend years of transforming our community!